Name: (Doctor/Agent) Vanessa Willow Akhart

Age: 35


        Suzanne was born to Frank Alan Akhart and Mary-Ann Lee Akhart. When Suzanne was young, she was scarred horrifically by her father who continuously abused and raped her. When she turned 10 her father revealed he was cheating on Mary-Ann with another woman, who then went into a deep depression. Mary-Ann moved with her daughter to a trailer in Texas. Suzanne studied and practiced fighting with most of her time. Almost her entire childhood she remained isolated from people with very few friends. While at a science convention, she met the Stark family, who she soon became close with. When she was older, SHIELD noticed her extreme knowledge and agility and soon took her in, but she later was kicked out after her "accident".

Becoming the Viper:

While on a joy ride in the desert with her friend Rick Jones in New Mexico, Vanessa was caught in the crossfire of an explosion on a testing field. After returning home, seemingly not too badly harmed, she discovered she had changed.

Her skin had became impenetrable (Except small portions on the sides of her stomach) and her bones extremely hard to break. Her two canine teeth were visibly longer and sharper and they produced a neurotoxic venom.  Her emotions and hearing became extremely heightened and sensitive, making her dangerous in public around people. When her heart rate excels dramatically, the darkest part of her personality comes out and her brain becomes a jumbled mess. She sometimes speaks in a foreign language or becomes mute. Her strength and speed grows once she is changed as well. She turns into an animal, stopping at nothing to kill everyone around her.

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