A Super Love Affair

About A Super Love Affair:

Vanessa Akhart, a few years was in a terrible accident that will effect her life forever. After accidentally killing her husband, she vows to never love another man for as long as she lives. That is, until a secret agency she used to work for called S.H.E.I.L.D calls her on the job one last time and she meets two men that change the way she looks at life. (A super hero love triangle- Includes detailed scenes of the avengers, so lots of Avengers spoilers! But even if you aren't really into super hero stuff, this still is a fantastic love story. It focuses more on the struggles between true love and holds a really deep meaning to it all! Hope you enjoy)

Where to Read:

Go to Www.Wattpad.Com and go to LoveOfMyKind's profile- Free online book

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ATTENTION: All rights of some characters, or some "Avengers" plots of this story all belong to MARVEL and the makers of the movie The Avengers


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